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Version: 2.2.1



We require/recommend the following:

  • Set the active time-out setting for flows to 60 seconds (mandatory)
  • Set the inactive time-out setting for flows to 15 seconds (mandatory)
  • Synchronize devices with an NTP source (mandatory)
  • Configure devices that support NetFlow with no aggregation. Sycope recommends that you configure Netflow with no sampling if possible
  • Configure devices that support sFlow with the lowest possible sampling rate
  • When you use NetFlow v5, make sure to add the ip route-cache flow (or appropriate) command for all active interfaces and VLANs (sub interfaces) in addition to the ones you regularly use. NetFlow v5 is typically ingress only, you can calculate egress only by aggregating ingress from the opposing interfaces.
  • NetFlow v9 supports ingress and egress NetFlow. Sycope recommends ip flow ingress on all interfaces. Mixing ingress and egress on multiple interfaces and a single device is not recommended.

Collector hardware requirements

The tables below are lists of required server hardware parameters for desired flow limits.

Max number of flows30k flow/s60k flow/s120k flow/s250k flow/s
Max number of data sourcesunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Supported VM SystemsVMWare 7 and higher recommendedVMWare 7 and higher recommendedVMWare 7 and higher recommendedVMWare 7 and higher recommended
Base OSBasicSmallMediumLarge
CPU cores22 pcs.36 pcs.48 pcs.64 pcs.
RAM22 GB36 GB48 GB96 GB
OS disk128 GB (recommended SSD disks)128 GB (recommended SSD disks )128 GB (SSD disks required)128 GB (SSD disks required)
Data diskat the customer's discretion* (recommended SSD disks)at the customer's discretion* (recommended SSD disks)at the customer's discretion* (SSD disks required)at the customer's discretion* (SSD disks required)

* size of the Data Disk is is strictly dependent on the needs and requirements of the user in terms of storage time for various types of data and the amount of traffic generated by the analyzed network infrastructure


While we do our best to represent the data as fairly and accurately as possible (internal tests), your environment may experience different limits.

  1. We conducted performance tests using the latest generation processors with clock speeds above 3.5 GHz.
  2. In custom dashboard configurations, we recommend to add (best performance) up to 12 widgets per single dashboard.
  3. Software image has by default: 128GB System and 128GB Data plus default retention policy configured. Please modify those before any production installation.

Probe hardware requirements

The probe is available as a license for Virtual or Hardware Appliances. The performance of the Probe depends on the hardware resources. Please see below the requirements depending on the traffic through out to monitor:

Traffic< 100 MbpsBetween 100 Mbps and 1 GbpsBetween 1 and 10 GbpsAbove 10 Gbps
Flow Export Rate< 100 FPS< 1000 FPS< 3000 FPS3000+ FPS
Active Flow CacheThousandsHundreds of ThousandsA few MillionsTenth of Millions
CPU Type2 cores2 cores+4 cores+8 cores+
Memory2 GB2 GB+4-8 GB+16 GB+

Retention calculator


We have done our best to make the calculator as close as possible to the real environment, but you should remember that this is only an estimation. Please use it with caution.

Medium - 60,000 FPS
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