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Version: 2.0.29

Release notes

ver. 2.0.29

  • Sytem update module mandatory fix. Please update to afterwards.

ver. 2.0.27


  • New fields in netflow Data Stream - clientASNumber, serverAsNumber, clientFunction, serverFunction, clientLocation, serverLocation, clientRole, serverRole

  • New version preAggrByAsn Data Stream - based on clientASNumber and serverAsNumber fields from IP solution address to ASNumber (new lookup)

  • New version of preAggrByGroup - based on fields clientFunction, serverFunction, clientLocation, serverLocation, clientRole, serverRole - added new fields groupType and direction

  • New version of CSV lookup that supports large files - used for build as-asName lookup

  • New lookups:

    • ip-as: ip-as-user [CSV], ip-as-db[MAXMIND] - used to build a fields clientAsNumber i serverAsNumber in netflow and preAggrByAsn Data stream
    • as-asName: as-asName-user[CSV], as-asName-db[CSV]
    • Subnet Lookup - support for /31 i /32 masks
  • New Mapper: as-asName

  • Diagnostic Dashboards and Widgets eg.:


  • New tools for the menu [General Settings->Diagnostics] - tcp dump, tcp connection test, etc.


  • Configuration of metrics and alert fields in one tab in the menu [Configuration->Object-> Metrics].


  • Support for advanced context menu for different types of widgets


  • Favorites menu


  • New design of widgets - new icons for time, streams and so on.

  • Button "go to raw data" for a widgets - allows you to jump directly from the widget to the [Dashboards->Raw Data] menu.


  • For table Widget conditional coloring of cells - text or background

  • For the Pie Chart Widget - the ability to display a number and a percentage side by side as a label

  • Search and filtering in lookups table and mappers table


  • Option to save user preference settings in the menu [Personal Settings]


  • In the menu [Dashboards->Raw Data] - showing on the chart data that does not exist in the netflow stream

  • Grouping fields in the alerts stream by Alert Name


  • New wizards

  • New (compact) tables design

  • User avatars in profile settings


  • Ability to use mappers in alert fields


  • Ability to create mappers based on CSV lookups type


  • Ability to hide the chart in Raw Data view


  • Columns creator and modifier for many views

  • Ability to select an equation operator (>, >=, etc.) when a filter is created from table fields in the menu [Dashboards->Raw Data]


  • Ability to filter by calculated fields

  • Auth provider connection test button in the menu [Configuration->Account Management->Auth Providers]


  • Label for sum of values in bar for the stacked Bar chart

  • Additional columns in object tables showing relationships between objects


  • In the object tables, links to dependent objects


  • Objects counter in objects tables


  • SNMP section in the menu [General Settings->Diagnostics]


  • Sharing default formatting between fields and widgets

  • SSH chalange-response mechanism in the menu [General Settings->Maintenance Mode]


  • Proxy support


  • Column filtering functionalities for Widget table type


  • Include new versions of preaggregates in the transition between preAggry - based widgets and netflow. Can filter by fields that are not mapped one-to-one in neftlow.


  • Filtering by Interface Index from preAggrByIfc stream

  • Ability to define data filtering in the field wizard - an additional field when using "Use function”


  • Showing on the chart (grey bars) data that does not exist in the netflow in menu [Dashboard-Raw Data]


  • In the widget, "Metric" badge tooltip showing what data stream the widget use


  • In the widget, "Time" badge tooltip showing custom time range selected by user


  • In table Widget conditional colouring of cells - text or background

  • Ability to filter by base stream and preaggregate - index selection in searchbar + modal with selection by clicking on value in widget

  • In the menu [Configuration->Update]

    • release notes
    • offline update mechanism
    • various update path
    • update wizard



  • Local filtering in tables - multiselect, date picker for time columns, etc.

  • Improve filtering from widgets in NQL, such as the ability to filter by lookup data


  • Various privilege-related errors.

  • Protection against system blocking in case of disk overflow

  • Speed of changes to alerts - false positives, etc.

  • Support for large numbers (>2GB) in a rules thresholds

  • Flyout search engine performance

  • Information about logged-in user for AD authentication

  • Number formatting in tooltips

  • Exporting data to CSV and pdf from table widget

  • Lookups operations in a query rules

  • Changing date formatting on charts

  • Preserving flyout width with “pins”


  • Corrections and changes for a lookups operation

  • Removed fields: clientGroups and serverGroups

  • Various graphical fixes and improvements