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Version: 1.6


With purchase of FlowControl system, you receive OVA file required for deployment of the software. Please ensure that the file is available for installation process.

Server requirements

The table below lists the required server hardware parameters for desired flow limits (Tab.1.)

Raw Flow Capacity30K fps60K fps120K fps250K fps
vCPU8-16 x vCPU (4-8 cores per socket)16-24 x vCPU (8-12 cores per socket)24-32 x vCPU (12-16 cores per socket)32-40 x vCPU (16-20 cores per socket)
Memory16-32 GB RAM32 GB RAM64 GB RAM64 GB RAM
Raw Disk Capacity (System)230 GB SSD230 GB SSD230 GB SSD230 GB SSD
Raw Disk Capacity (Archive)500GB HDD21TB HDD22TB HDD22TB HDD2
Interface1x1Gb/s Interface1x1Gb/s Interface1x1Gb/s Interface1x1Gb/s Interface

Tab.1 FlowControl hardware requirements


  1. System drive should be located on the SSD partition.
  2. Supported Hypervisor VMware ESXi 6.5+.
  3. Please note that all vCPUs should be divided between 2 sockets, e.g for option with 60k FPS, that has 16 vCPUs, there will be 8 vCPUs per socket.

Client workstation requirement parameters.

Any devices with the following web browsers in the latest version :

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Opera


System does not support devices with touch screens.